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Austrias Cities

Austians Cities

Austria's cities attract visitors with fascinating architecture - from Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Founder and Art Nouveau through to postmodernism. Historical scenes for exciting cultural events of today, and for comfortable shopping for hours of enjoyment at delights of food and wine. Particularly interesting are Austria "Landmarks" in Lower Austria, the City Hall in Upper Austria Pöstlingberg, in Carinthia the dragon, in Burgenland the Hydnkirche, in Salzburg Hohensalzburg Fortress, in Vorarlberg Martinsturm, in Styria the clock tower, in the Tyrol the Golden Roof and in Vienna St. Stephen's Cathedral.
Austria's cities are so versatile! Ranging from magnificent architecture but also exciting, courtly elegance and urban veterans, artistic experimentation and yet traditional charm. Not only our capitals tell history but also our small towns have a lot of mysterious hidden cultural heart beat faster.
We hope you enjoy the culinary and cultural experience to offer by Austria and hope that you take a bit of it home.

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